Lunar 2019 Year of the Pig 1 oz Bullion Gold Coin

Market Update for April 2020

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Unprecedented demand in physical precious metal buying has forced shortages globally.

Premiums have risen due to these supply shortages

Also re-stocking bottle-necks have seriously developed due to airlines globally being grounded.

We do have stock live in Singapore, but depleting very quickly.

Please be assured we will guarantee all trades where possible, delivery times are changing all the time driven by the the sheer level of physical demand.

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Lunar 2019 Year of the Pig 1 oz Bullion Gold Coin

1oz gold Year of Pig, buy online with Indigo
1oz gold Year of Pig, buy online with Indigo 1oz gold Year of Pig, Buy Trusted Merchant Indigo
The Sixth Lunar design in The Royal Mint’s Shēngxiào Collection
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  • Yes
  • 32.69mm
  • 31.1 grams
  • United Kingdom
  • 999,9%
  • UK Royal Mint
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Lunar Year of the Pig 2019 One Ounce Gold Bullion Coin

Country: UK, Mint: British Royal Mint, Diameter: 32.69 mm, Weight: 31.10g, Purity: 0.9999% Au Fine Gold (24 karat) 

  • The fifth Lunar design in The Royal Mint’s Shēngxiào Collection
  • The Lunar One Ounce Gold Bullion Coin contains one troy ounce of 24 carat 999.9 fine gold
  • CGT exempt in the United Kingdom and VAT free in both the UK and the European Community
  • Individually packaged in a single coin capsule


Combining centuries of Chinese tradition with British minting craftsmanship, The Royal Mint Lunar collection celebrates the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, or Shēngxiào, and their distinctive characteristics and qualities.

Legend has it that the Jade Emperor, who ruled justly over heaven and earth, had never visited his earthly kingdom. Curious to find out what the earth’s creatures looked like, he summoned them to a great meeting. The pig was the last to arrive – tardiness that explains its position as the final sign of the Chinese zodiac.

Continuing the success of The Shēngxiào Collection, the sixth bullion coin in the series, features a design by artist Harry Brockway. The Year of the Pig is the twelfth sign of the Chinese zodiac before it starts anew with the Year of the Rat in 2020 and people born under this sign are said to be loyal, generous and gentle.


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